The holy trifecta - whether you're promoting your audiobook, podcast or new webinar/product on social media, this package delivers social media-friendly promo animated videos designed to pull eyeballs and thumbs to your content.

What exactly is "Sound 4 Social"?

Simply put, Sound 4 Social (S4S for short) is an audio-visual-textual experience designed for the specific social media platforms you use to engage with your audience. We like to think of social media content as a game of “Rock – Paper – Scissors”, but rather than having one element get knocked out by your audience, your content delivers on all three elements: Audio – Video – Text. Simultaneously. 

How we do this is expanded upon below – and our signature delivery of: Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It Together (DIT), Done For You (DFY) is explained after that. 

If you ever have any questions about anything we discuss here – ping us over an email via the contact page and we’ll answer as best we can.


Style your bitesize content to be reusable in a marketing cycle of your choice. So long as your branding is the same, this saves time on content creation.

Your Branding

Activating that "Top of Mind" thinking, your consistent branding across all content means you're ever present especially

For eyes and ears

According to 80% of users read subtitles to videos initially. Grab attention with visuals, educate with the option of sound and subtitles.

Insightful Snippets

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Choose your Sound4Social path

Learn how to master the new Audiogram software out there, figure out your design style, or let us create them for you.

Do It Yourself

Self paced online course
£ 250
  • Learn editing
  • Design Audiograms
  • Lifetime access to updates

Done For You

Starting From
£ 124
Per Pack
  • 120 seconds of Audiograms
  • Audiograms in various sizes
  • (optional) subtitling

Do It Together

Small group 6-week coaching
£ 500
  • Group Accountability
  • Live Q&A
  • Group Tech Support

do it yourself

Learn how to master audiogram building platforms such as Headliner and AudioBurst. You’ll be coached on good practice habits to keep so your Audiogram content is always accessible

do it together

Once every 3 months, enrol in a 4-week Audiogram course where you get access to the DIY course in a paced setting with weekly live Q&A’s and more hands on weekly support to get you on your way – if you find this too time intensive you can access DFY packages at a discounted rate.

Done for you

Get stuck in with a consultation where we figure out what exactly you need and how you’ll need it to be presented. You’ll be given a number of social media ready audiograms and audio content for your platforms.

You're On Your Way!

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