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Huzzah! You (or a friend) got forwarded this link as you're an audio editor looking for some work.

This is still a small operation but...

We’re looking for some audio editors as we expand! Whilst the job is fairly straightforward, we love people with personality and folks who want to grow their role into something they’re proud of. Keep that in mind as you watch and read through this page and don’t forget to throw some razzle-dazzle in your application.

About the Job Role

As part of your job application, I figured it would be a good opportunity for you to see who you’ll be working with – that’s me. Most, if not all of your questions will be answered as well as the odd answer to future questions, in this video so pay attention! Once you’ve finished watching the video, scroll down to some key points I need you to know and of course you’ll want to know. 

Once you’re done with that, click the button and fill out the Typeform to apply. Due to the likely volume of applications – only successful applicants will be responded to. Please do not bombard our client email addresses, this will do more harm to your application than good. Our Job applications e-mail address isn’t available anywhere.

Key job requirements (Mandatory)

Logic Pro (X)

Due to its accessibility (and the DAW of choice by the company director!), this is the only DAW we will accept. This may be seen as unfair, but due to the nature and required flexibility of this role, we need DAW uniformity.


As you become more proficient and potentially selected as the audio editor of a specific podcast, this is our client-facing project management software of choice. You'll be expected to communicate professionally here with your project manager and client(s).


Our chosen file transfer platform - you will have your own assigned shared folder for job files to be transferred into and out of. We do not accept the use of any other file transfer system.

iZotope 7 Standard +

If you have any longterm experience in post-production audio work, you'll know this is the gold standard when it comes to audio repair. Due to the varying nature of audio files we get sent in, we need you to have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of RX. 7 Standard is the minimum version.


This is the messenger hub of choice for the talent pool. All audio editors across different services we offer will be encouraged to interact with each other as well as check-in regularly for work and any upskill courses we will offer.

High Level English Listening

With podcast editing, you will be listening to the entire episode looking out for typical errors or superfluous chatter that would need to be deleted. Whilst certain sections will be highlighted per job, we rely on your keen ear to clean up each episode.


Click each dropdown to read more about each section. We advise you read each section diligently.

We create evergreen visual promotional material for our podcast clients, so being able to create requested audio snippets and .srt files is highly desirable but not required. We use DeScript for both transcription and creating manageable subtitle files. Your knowledge in this is highly desirable.

AudioFy runs mainly from the UK, so it’s important to be available during our UK running hours: 10am – 6pm for on-boarding and new client work. On occasion 10pm – 2am is required for technical updating of podcast hosts. 

This position is a zero-hour contract where work is offered initially on your availability. If a good match is found, you will be assigned a regular client. 

It’s worth noting, if we were to have a company mascot it would definitely be a Galago.

As we pride ourselves in making audio content creation as easy and as fun as possible, there is always scope for trialling new ideas for content and if you pioneer a new product, with discussions you can potentially pioneer that product and we will help you manage demand/sources.

Should you pass test edits, you will be enrolled on a £17.50/episode pay grade for the first 10 episodes. If successful with all criteria explained and are selected for a regular client with a review you can potentially earn up to £25/episode. Further to this, if there is a need in other departments of audio editing you may be asked to assist in audiobook work which starts at £250 per basic project.

This position is a zero-hour contract and you are part of a talent pool. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement as all content copyright is held by our clients.

We love diversity and appreciate having a career in sound means you’ll likely take other gigs from time to time. Whilst we’d love regular contractors to stick with a specific client, a talent pool means if you need cover there are others who may have a day or two to cover an episode. 

Due to the nature of training and template setups within Logic Pro, we expect variation to be minimal and to help each other grow. 

From time to time, we will organise webinars and short courses for particular upgrading of skills you’re welcome to attend.

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