Podcasts shouldn't die needlessly

The podcast network project

You’ve been sitting on your podcast idea for far too long. The excuses have been a dime a dozen, and honestly enough is enough. 

The Podcast Network Project was a freely accessible course launched in 2021. Born from an observational frustration of entrepreneurs excusing themselves from launching a podcast due to tech or lack of knowhow when it came to podcasts.

Now available as a mini-masterclass you can clear your worries in one afternoon and be confident with your choice – whether you launch a podcast or not! 

If you feel that you need an editor to do the technical work so you can focus on being the talent – the course and this page gives you the opportunity to reach out to me and hire me as your friendly neighbourhood podcast episode editor. Scroll on! 

Crowdresource your Podcast with The

AudioFy Podcast Network Project

Podcast Hosting

Your podcast is hosted within our chosen shared podcast hosting provider: Spreaker. Whilst access is limited, you get monthly reports.


Your podcast episodes are edited to the same high-quality standards regardless of which editor you're assigned to.

Podcast management

Get your show notes scheduled, formalised and uploaded with each episode. We also manage podcast directory registration and upkeeping

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen" -- Brene Brown

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The whole art of podcasting is making areas of interest, ideas and life more human. The same goes for this Podcast Network Project. 

Undoubtedly, you have loads more questions that need answering before you join this merry crew and I like knowing who I’m working with. So click the booking button below to open a new window where you can choose a 15-minute time slot that works for both of us.

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We’ll get back to you within 48hrs (longer over the weekend) and get the conversation started.