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You’ve been sitting on your podcast idea for far too long. The excuses have been a dime a dozen, and honestly enough is enough. 

Run through my free introduction to podcasting video series below to clear the cobwebs. Once you’re done with that and feel more confident with finally launching your podcast, join me and a crew of 10 like-minded podcasters in creating a podcast network where resources like editing, admin, show notes, and audiograms are shared across the AudioFy Production Team for one monthly fee either for 3 months, 6 months or monthly rolling.*


intro 2 podcasting

1. 5 Reasons Why

You probably shouldn't start your podcast

You’ve been told countless times you’d be great on a podcast. But let’s dive into why you probably should not start a podcast!

2. 6 Reasons Why

You definitely should start a podcast

Now we’ve covered the don’ts, here are some do’s! If you understand these simple concepts, your podcast can be a great business asset!

3. Bare Bone Basics

to Podcast Technology + Equipment

Fear of tech and equipment when it comes to recording audio is common. Googling doesn’t help either. So we’re going to deep dive into a robust solution for you.

4. Create Your Podcast

In An Afternoon

The next point of resistance is actually recording your podcast and all the admin involved. When you know what to do, it’s just a case of confidence through repetition!

5. How To Futureproof

Your Podcast (A Brief Introduction)

Podcasts don’t have to be produced forever. However, each episode is a powerhouse for content now and in the future. Learn exciting ways you can repackage this valuable asset.

6. What's Your Flavour?

Discover your Podcast Production Style

Whether you’re a studious solocaster, better as a Dynamic Duo, an Incorrigible Interviewer or the Panel Host with the most…Discover your podcast production style so you thrive after the podcast honeymoon period.

7. Introduction to Private Podcasts

Secret Sauce Promos + Audiobook Hype

What was once reserved to corporate businesses, private podcasts are “so hot right now”. This bonus episode briefly introduces you to how you can add private podcasts to your marketing and course efforts.

Join the 2022 Podcast Network Project

This project has come around due to seeing so many fellow entrepreneurs start and stop their podcast endeavours. When asked why, various reasons ranged from underestimating the work required to financial restrictions, to shifting their focus and not bringing their podcast along with their business.

The 2022 Podcast Network Project aims at figuring out and championing a way to utilise crowdsourcing of resources (CrowdResourcing) for budding business podcasters so they can focus on being the talent, and AudioFy focuses on being the tech. To join the network, you’ll need to book yourself into a zoom call with Shiggi via the scheduler below to make sure your goals and podcast show are a good fit for the network. Even if you’re not 100% sure about the network, at the very least you’ll leave the call with more clarity around whether you should podcast or not.

Note: This is NOT the Podcast Deep-Dive, this is a separate product, if you’re interested in that pleas go >>Here<<

Joining the network comes in two initial styles: 3-months to Launch, or 6-months to Launch. This has an initial investment of £1650 which can be broken down to 3 installments of £550 or 6 installments of £275.

After your initial setup, depending on your production schedule monthly support starts from £270/month.

Crowdresource your Podcast with The

AudioFy Podcast Network Project

Podcast Hosting

Your podcast is hosted within our chosen shared podcast hosting provider: Spreaker. Whilst access is limited, you get monthly reports.


Your podcast episodes are edited to the same high-quality standards regardless of which editor you're assigned to.

Podcast management

Get your show notes scheduled, formalised and uploaded with each episode. We also manage podcast directory registration and upkeeping

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen" -- Brene Brown

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The whole art of podcasting is making areas of interest, ideas and life more human. The same goes for this Podcast Network Project. 

Undoubtedly, you have loads more questions that need answering before you join this merry crew and I like knowing who I’m working with. So click the booking button below to open a new window where you can choose a 15-minute time slot that works for both of us.

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