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A fully bespoke hands-off service where we look after you through the whole process of creating an audiobook. All you have to do is the talking (and we coach you through that too)

BizPro 2.0

What is BizPro 2.0?

Simply put, if you want your audiobook produced (and you or your publisher, get to keep all the rights) this is the best option for you. Whilst we don’t help with getting your book written in the first instance – we help with the second most crucial part. Our bespoke audiobook production service is designed with the least amount of hassle and quickest possible turnaround in mind.

We strongly believe that Indie Business Entrepreneurs who are authors, speakers, consultants or coaches should narrate their own books!

If you’re already featuring on podcasts, speaking on live stages or webinars, you’re already creating your audio real estate and an environment for your prospective clients to enter and get a feel for who you and your business are. Let them get to know you more when you release audio versions of your books, so they can hear your message when they don’t have the time to read it.

The BizPro 2.0 Journey

Your Audiobook journey (expand each section)

It starts with a free 15-min roadmap call. In this call we figure out where you are right now, what exactly you need, how we can help you get to where you’re going and the next personal steps you’ll need. 

Once we’ve established the best course of action, your assigned project manager will send you detailed emails and accompanying documentation to ensure set up, narrator coaching, recording schedule and editing are done in the agreed timeline.

This is the most work you’ll do! If you’ve gone through narrator coaching, you’ll still have support during your recording sessions. This can be done anywhere you are in the world. If you’ve opted to come to London and record at our hired studios we’ll be there on hand to ensure a great recording session is had. 

We scurry off into the studio, polish your recordings and format them according to the requirements of Audible (the current audiobook leaders and attractive platform for business entrepreneurs) depending on what was agreed earlier, we’ll also upload your book for you and monitor any feedback from ACX.

You’re done! You have a glorious new audiobook on your chosen platforms. If marketing and promotion was discussed, you’ll have your schedule to follow. We’ll send you the final audio files for your records, to do as you please. We also keep copies of audiobooks in an encrypted vault should you lose yours.

Experimental ideas?

When you think about an audiobook, you can think of someone reading you a bed time story, or go into a full audio-drama. Or something completely different. Excerpts from your own courses or webinars? Special audiobook-only experiences for the listener? Anything you can think of to enrich your listener’s experience – we can look at including.

your next step

Whether you made your mind up right at the top of this page, or you’ve still got questions, your next step is to have an idea of how many pages (ideally, total book word count) your book has. Our structure is based around the typical business book which is under 300 pages. There is lee-way as images tend to increase that number. 

Either way, choose your BizPro 2.0 path below to get in touch and let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you some details as well as the opportunity to chat with us via your (free) 15-min Roadmap call. 

Choose Your Path

Two simple options. The only difference is you get the Sound4Social Basic package included so you can promote snippets of your book across your social media platforms.

BizPro 2.0

AudioBook Editing & Production
£ 1950
Per Book
  • Narrator Mastery
  • Audio Production
  • ACX/Audible
  • Backup Support

BizPro 2.0+

AudioBook E&P + Sound4Social
£ 2040
Per Book
  • Narrator Mastery
  • Audio Production
  • ACX/Audible
  • Backup Support
  • S4S Basic

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