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Now, more than ever people are listening to content as well as reading and viewing it. The one advantage audio has over words or images? No hands. 

Audio is an all encompassing all-ears experience that can be utilised whilst doing something else. 

Commuting? Washing dishes? Having a shower in the morning? Cooking dinner? Having some downtime in a dark room?

Your ears are always free – and if you want to maximise your impact on getting your message out there, having a richly diverse digital audio real estate that clearly and concisely and continually communicates your message to existing and new audience members is an easy and exciting win. 

The truth is – you should look at Copy, Video and Audio as a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors . But rather than one bashing or overcoming the other, the more you add the more powerful your content and communications become. 

With that in mind – AudioFy aims at creating and teaching how YOU can create highly engaging audio content across every audio marketing genre available today. We also experiment with new technologies to debunk fears, demystify perceived problems and deliver “heart-first” grassroots solutions.

Why AudioFy?

The name and mission to help demystify the world of audio happened in a bid to help a friend bring their audiobook to life. Shiggi took author self-narrated audio files recorded in Thailand and edited them into an ACX/Audible fully compliant audiobook over one quiet Christmas break. In that time she found there was a need for simple to understand guidance in mastering audio with content.

Unleash your audiobook

Running things a little differently – YOU are the narrator. Your published (or yet to be published) book needs its audiobook counterpart and in this age it simply MUST be read by you. Terrified? Good – hop over to the Audiobook page to learn more about how we help coach you into becoming the best narrator for your audiobook. These skills translate into podcasting, and public speaking.

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share your mission as a podcast

Build a rock solid foundation before your first podcast episode airs. Whilst you can chase marketing wins in jumping on the podcasting bandwagon, we’re more focused on you truly loving your podcast regardless of how your business grows (or if you’re just podcasting for the fun of it). We help you find an unshakeable “Why” to your podcasts, train you up and if you need backend help, we’ve got you covered there too.

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Let Us Know!
We’ll get back to you within 48hrs (longer over the weekend) and get the conversation started.