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Meditation, eCourses, Walkcasts - oh my!

Sometimes you don’t quite need a full on audiobook production or the repetitive one-over of a podcast episode. Sometimes you just need a recording of yours cleaned up and possibly have one or two edits you’ve noticed need to be done. 

This is where the PAE offerings you’ll read below come in handy. Primarily they are offered in bundles of up to 2, 4, and 6 hours of RAW audio that will only be cleaned up of any rogue background noise like white noise, refrigerator hums, random taps and clicks, cars and train rumble. Could you use AI? Sure, but you have zero control over how that file is treated (commonly your beautiful stereo recording will be potato mashed into a mono file – bad news for stereo field meditation recordings where you want your listener to feel the effects of sound or your voice flowing around their head). 

Such intricacies are completely preserved as a human (me) is involved every step of the way and will review the consistency of all files, assuming they have been recorded in the same environment each time. 

Please note: The initial offerings are purely for cleaning up the narration in each file. If you have editing that requires taking out retakes/mistakes etc. That is a bolt-on option you can add to your order below.

Pure Audio Editing Offers

These three tiers are designed in a credit system. When you send your audio over, the total time of those files is deducted from whichever credit tier you’ve opted in for. Whilst the time totals are in absolute hours, there is certainly wiggle room and allowances for each tier should your audio go over each tier by up to 20 minutes. 

If you need to top up your editing credits, you can always come back here and do so – you’ll get a confirmation email of your new available credit time.

The Two

Up to 2 hours of RAW audio
£ 180 Total
  • Clean up Background Noise
  • Preserve and improve audio quality
  • Cut off Top/Tail dead space

The Four

Up to 4 hours of RAW audio
£ 220 Total
  • Clean up Background Noise
  • Preserve and improve audio quality
  • Cut off Top/Tail dead space

The Six

Up to 6 hours of RAW audio
£ 280 Total
  • Clean up Background Noise
  • Preserve and improve audio quality
  • Cut off Top/Tail dead space

Bolt -ons

These are available with any of the above audio credit options. Please note – they are available on a per-project basis and run on a “gentleman’s agreement” where clarity will be established between both parties especially with longer credit timings. If you have a separate project that requires most of what’s available below please use the form at the bottom to explain this so we can discuss more efficient options.

Re-take/Mistake Removals - £45 (Removals)

Need retakes or very obvious mistakes removed? Maybe there’s an entire section that’s now become irrelevant? At checkout, select this bolt-on and you’ll have the opportunity to detail what exactly needs to be done in your files. This can only be done once, so make sure you’ve listened to your files to be sure. 

Adding your Tops and Tails - £60 (Additions)

If you’re trialling a new intro and outro for an episode, meditation, or other audio product, add this bolt-on so that we can take your intro and outro files and blend them in at the beginning and end.

Intro and Outro Design - £180 (Ident Design)

Get a 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss and play through some intro and outro ideas for your audio files. You get up to 3 passes to ensure you’re happy with your new audio assets

Soundscape Design (up to 30mins) - £250 (Soundscapes)

Want to get a completely bespoke soundscape designed for your meditation audio file? Get a 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss the main focus of your work and how it relates to the desired soundscape. City sounds melding into lightly raining meadows? Crashing waves intertwined with billowing trees and birds? Crackling fires with crickets and the calming purr of a cat? – It can be done. 

Not Sure about what you need?

If what you need is a little bit “in-betweeny” from all of the above, or you need all of the above and would like to make it more cost and time-effective, please fill out the form below with your best details to be contacted on, and try to explain your situation in as much detail as possible so we can reach out with a few of the best proposed solutions for you. 

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We’ll get back to you within 48hrs (longer over the weekend) and get the conversation started.