Audiobook Production

Your missing link in a world where you can be seen as the expert in your field. We can read and see your words, if your audience isn't hearing your words too - that's a large pool of your audience lost.

Whether you’re a consultant, coach, speaker, or any kind of figure-head that embraces the position of “expert” or leader in your field, you’ll understand the importance of writing a book as part of your business’ marketing asset pool. Whether you do or do not provide products to your audience, a book is a tangible way for existing and new potential members to really understand who you and your business are and ways you can help them. 

Audio has been around for years, and recently the barriers have lowered incredibly meaning accessibility to audiobooks merely requires a computer or (more commonly) a smartphone with space for audio files or access to an audiobook library through a platform like Audible. 

This now means it’s imperative that you have an audiobook option available to your audience with your books. It’s a great lead generator and marketing tool. Read more below on just how easy it is to create an audiobook as well as the “Done For You” services AudioFy has available – including vocal coaching and in-person recording sessions at our London studios. 

The Rise and Rise of Audiobooks

One in Five listeners

Both in the US and UK, research supports that 1 in 5 consumers listen to audiobooks. This includes 21% of book buyers also listening to audiobooks (Publishers Association)

A Great Marketing Asset

Like books, the main drive behind having an audiobook is to position yourself as an expert and have this as a low-barrier entry point for new members into your world.

Commuters Love 'em!

The hands-free nature of audiobooks means they are often listened to during commutes, whether that's in the car or on public transport with top end noise-cancelling headphones.

Content and Courses

Whether your contracting content into your audiobook or want to give your listeners extra audiobook-only content, you have an evergreen repository of new content you can repurpose on social media or as an eCourse with supporting slides and/or video

Choose Your AudioBook Journey

Choose from learning the ropes yourself, or handing off the entire production to our in-house team

BizBook DIY

Producing + Technical
£ 800
Course Package
  • Find Your Voice
  • Narration Lowdown
  • How to Edit (Properly) - AudioBooks
  • Getting "Audible" Ready
  • Marketing Your Audiobook

BizPro 2.0

Bespoke All-in-One
£ 2500
Per Book
  • Distance or Studio Recording
  • Dedicated AudioBook Engineer
  • Dedicated Backend Support
  • Bespoke "Ready to Launch" Schedule
  • Bespoke Audio Content Package

BizBook GT

Producing +Coaching +Tech +Support
£ 650
Per Group Training
  • Group Training 3x a Year
  • Entire DIY Course Package
  • Weekly Livestream QnA
  • Limited Backend Support
  • AudioGram 101 (How To) Course

BizBook diy

Brought to you by Audio Guerilla, the DIY course package pulls together the relevant courses in the right order to ensure you feel confident enough to narrate, record, edit, upload AND market your audiobook all under your own steam. Email support is available for queries once a week

bizbook gt

Available 3 times a year, join your fellow Audio Guerillas in a 7-week guided group course. Utilising the DIY course package as a base, you get additional weekly Livestream QnA’s, email support and if the editing is too much – a discounted editing only service to keep you up to speed and on target for your audiobook launch.

BizPro 2.o

You’ve got a tight schedule. You know you need to get your audiobook done, and other than narrating it yourself (and getting coached on how to do it properly) you want someone else to handle the editing, producing and back-end processes. Go down this route for a quick turnaround, dedicated project manager, pre and post launch support and additional bespoke audio content you can utilise on various social media platforms. 

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