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A Modular Roadmap To A lucrative Audio Estate

An Overview

This page is regularly updated with new services we’re confident in providing. Some may be in “Beta” – but as an ever expanding team of audio experts we love to work with new concepts and clients equally excited in paving a way for integration audio and voice-led marketing in their space.

AudioBook Creation

Writing and publishing your book is one way to position yourself as an expert. Now? If you don't have an audiobook to go with that, you're leaving a lot on the table.
We can coach you to record from anywhere in the world, whilst we edit, produce and upload your book to Audible (or your chosen platform in including private/woocommerce)

Podcast Management

You have an idea or conversational piece you want to compliment your business. You're already fully confident in your marketing skills, want a team to look after your podcast and be on the cutting edge of new opportunities to promote and increase conversions from each episode. We got you covered.

Sound4 Social

As part of your repurposing of content - your audio estate should include sound snippets optimised for social media platforms (Audiograms) as well as audio optimised playback of blog posts and other content on your website. We have packages as well as the opportunity to create a bespoke package more suited to your needs.

Audio Consulting

Do you just need an "audio person's" brain...for 20-mins? 60-mins? A whole day?

(Experimental) Audio Estate Creation

Have you created audio content across all your platforms and want an efficient way to manage, modify and expand it? We're currently experimenting with Alexa Skills and Google and how you can create your virtual voice-driven world within these spaces.

(Experimental) Site-Based Voice commentary

Whilst still in its infancy, having prospects and existing clients leave voice comments on blog posts is a great way to create engaging future content. Either within Sound4Social or as podcast episodes.

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You're On Your Way!

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Let Us Know!
We’ll get back to you within 48hrs (longer over the weekend) and get the conversation started.