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Module 9 of the Find Your Online Voice Course - How to repurpose an audio recording you did on a whim.

Hello, welcome to what I can only describe as a perfect circle of content. 

Now, what do I mean by a “Perfect Circle of Content?” 

Well, it needs to start with how this blog post is currently being created. I’m using an app called “the script” or Descript, whichever the transcriber will pick this up as, and as I’m talking, it is automatically creating the words that you are currently reading. It’s also simultaneously creating an audio file, which won’t be the cleanest as my cat is currently running around like a madman in the background. But I digress.

The main thing with this blog post is that the content behind it can be redistributed in many different styles. What you’re going to see with this blog post is a key bit of audio, which will be this, that you’re currently listening to at the top of this blog post. You will also be reading the content that will be slightly edited to make it read better. And you will also be watching this content in a video and we’ll likely use a few other bits of software that I enjoy using with my clients on AudioFy. However, that’s not what you’re here for.

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You’re probably looking at watching, reading, listening to this because of a course I have currently been sat on for 15 months during the pandemic. Called Find Your Online Voice.

Now, this is a light version of a very intensive “Master Your Online Voice” course, I created. And quite frankly, it was a little bit too heavy to start off with. So, if you’re watching, listening, reading  this, you are likely interested in joining the “Alpha Posse” which is the first rendition of this light version of Find Your Online Voice.

What this requires you to have is a blog post, like this one that you’ve probably written, or probably paid someone to write that is a Cornerstone piece of content or a high-traffic yielding piece of content that is on your website. But currently it doesn’t have an audio version of it available.

What I’m using this course for is to create the ability for people to start recording quality content that they already have, and be able to expand that on their own websites, thus making their website more searchable, more accessible, and ultimately reach more people. We all want that. Right?

With that, you can then go on to creating other forms of content such as audiograms or “infotaining” Doodle drawing style things. Or whatever you want. Yes, you can even turn your regular blog posts into a seasonal form of podcasts –  If you feel that would help.

The only way you’re going to figure that out is either sitting there on your Todd, trying to figure out the pros and cons or jumping in on this alpha course with me to build the course, but also get content for yourself that you can utilize for the pricely sum of 25 pounds*. It might be a little bit more in Dollars and Euros, probably around 27 to 30 euros, depending on the exchange market.

So if you have listened, watched or read this far, you might as well as put your details in below and sign up to the email list where you will get a couple of emails, just expanding on what’s going on. If you want to sign up, there will be a link for you to go in and put your deposit down for the course. And the course will be starting on the 1st of July. I initially only want 10 people to work with. If there’s more, that’s great. If there’s less, that’s also not such a bad thing, but 10 is a really good number. I like even numbers.

And if we get 10, it’ll be a world of fun. We’ll be using a couple of different platforms, but ultimately you don’t need to worry about much. There will be another video, audio and written blog post that expands on what Find Your Online Voice is really about.

So if you’re excited for this then pop your details in down below.

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