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Whether you just want to figure out the best setup for recording your podcasts or audiobook at home, learn how to use Audacity or any other DAW effectively, or go all in and reach a semi-pro audio editing status. New courses pop up here.

"These courses are created from the ground up with real users and constant feedback throughout every update. If you join the AudioFy Telegram, you can occasionally get the opportunity to be an Alpha Audio Guerilla tester. If that's not for you Telegram subscribers still get early access."
Shiggi Pakter
Course Creator

Finding Your Online Voice

Pure Beginners
$ 80
  • MicTech101
  • AudioEdit101
  • Podcast101
  • More to come

Master Your Online Voice

Self starters looking for mastery
$ 250
  • MicTech 102
  • AudioBook 102
  • Podcast102
  • More to come

Advance Your Online Voice

For TechVA's and advanced users
$ 600
  • MicPro
  • BizBookPro
  • AudioPro
  • More to come

Finding Your Online Voice

Does the world of audio look like one big confusing mess? Maybe you can navigate your way a little bit, but utilising all the tech around you to show up online has you baffled? 

FYOV is the beginner short-course designed to get you comfortable with simply showing up. It’s presented in a drip-feed style where you learn skills needed to be comfortable with showing up online but you need to do the work to progress to the next module. 

This mainly comprises of sending in recordings (from your smartphone) to the team to be reviewed either via e-mail or if you’re feeling brave, via one of our weekly livestream check-ins where you get to listen to yours and other’s feedback on their homework. 

The most daunting act after committing to signing up is showing up – but once you’ve got that down, you can level up to Mastering Your Online Voice.

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Master Your Online Voice

You have the basics down. You’ve probably bought a USB Microphone and thought about how to treat your room at home (or on the road). If you haven’t don’t worry, we cover microphone recommendations and room treatment in great detail. 

If you’re ready to launch that Podcast you’ve always wanted to do, be it for yourself or for your business this is the Course for you. Included is the legendary 6-Pillars to Podcast Proficiency which is an in-depth exploration into how you can start a podcast that works with your work-style and gives you room to take a break when you need to. If you want the bespoke report version of this, a discounted 1-1 bolt-on is available.

This course is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in recording, producing and publishing the audiobook version of their business book. Note: this course gives you an introduction and enough for you to potentially publish your audiobook, but support and feedback is minimal.

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Advance Your Online Voice

You have the tech nailed down. You’re showing up online regularly and your prospective clients are engaging with you well enough but there’s something missing. 

This course is designed for those who really enjoy recording their podcast or have tried to record their audiobook with minimal guidance but know they need something more. 

What we deliver are short-form mastermind sessions with seasoned pros, whether that’s proficient podcast editors or sound engineers showing you ways to shorten long processes, voice coaches who introduce a bit of voice magic to really turn heads online or breakdown sessions on the best practices for recording your audiobook at home or with an engineer in a studio. 

If you want to focus on just recording your podcast episodes and entrust your podcast management with our team, that’s an available option too.

In addition to the above, if you opt for one of the long-form courses you get weekly support and the option of one of our audiobook producers taking on the time-intensive editing off your hands at a lower AYOV Course rate.

You’re also guided through the best practices of promoting your audiobook as well as a Sound4Social package for you to use to promote your new audiobook!

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